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New Product Promises to End Long Teenager Showers!

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The brand new eco-friendly and money-saving home improvement product The Happy Dad Valve
The brand new eco-friendly and money-saving home improvement product The Happy Dad Valve

The Happy Dad Valve is an innovative water conservation product, formally announced just in time for Earth Day 2022. Designed by a dad frustrated with wasted water, waiting for the bathroom, and sometimes cold showers, The U.S. patent-pending Happy Dad Valve uses microchip and electromechanical technology to detect and limit water usage by automatically closing a valve when a user-settable time limit has been reached. The valve can be installed to interrupt either the hot water only or all the water to the shower. The valve's slow-closing action - over the period of 2-3 minutes - gives ample warning and time to finish the shower before the water becomes too uncomfortable.

According to Lloyd Brombach of New Mountain Solutions LLC, which is currently redesigning The Happy Dad Valve for production, the base model comes with features such as requiring a pin code to make setting changes, the ability to instantly reset or disable (requires pin), and can optionally email the main user an alert when changes are made. Additionally, over-the-air updates will be able to give early models new features if the user chooses to connect the device to the internet.

Pending market testing, a commercial model is also tentatively planned. This can give increased abilities for businesses such as campgrounds, truck stops, and dormitories to require customers to use a pin code, RFID tag, or bar code to start shower or water flow to a site.

The target price for the base model is $129 and pre-orders are expected to open as early as June 2022. Visit for more details and announcements.

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